Will My Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

Fat And Liposuction

Physical beauty is closely related to face, body size and weight. A slim and shapely figure conveys beauty and grace. Unfortunately, People become obese or accumulate fat in an ungainly fashion. Their face, chin, shoulders and torso become plump and heavy. At Cosmed Clinic, you can overcome such cosmetic problems with great ease.

Our specialist will perform a hi-tech liposuction surgery to remove unwanted fat. The fatty cells or lipocytes usually concentrate in specific areas. The hips, thighs, legs, back, and belly are affected by them. Our top dermatology and cosmetic expert will address this issue. Your body will be contoured to become more attractive and presentable.

Tools And Techniques

Let us look at some of the most important aspects of fat related medical procedures –

  • Fat removal and reduction treatments are very popular. Their global appeal stems from proven results and permanent nature.
  • For example, liposuction in Mumbai has become safe and hi-tech. Our surgeon picks the best technique that assures long lasting results.
  • Fat removal is a straightforward cosmetic surgery without any great risks. It is however performed by a qualified medical doctor.
  • In liposuction, Fatty areas are examined and marked for removal. The surgeon performs a specific procedure that involves fat liquefaction(loosening of fat cells).
  • Current techniques include power suction, laser, VASER, and cryolipolysis(fat freezing). The unwanted lipocytes may be removed or loosened into the bloodstream.
  • Metabolic benefits and aesthetic needs determine the choice of method. The surgeon gives top priority to patient’s safety and health.
  • The body area, type and volume of excessive fat are also key criteria. In abdomen surgery, Both visceral and subcutaneous fat are removed.

Fears And Reassurances

What does a patient seek from the latest liposuction procedure? He or she wants to look more attractive and confident. The top doctors recognise this aesthetic demand and perform a permanent surgery. Yes, Fat removal through liposuction is a permanent solution.

The patient’s happiness and self-esteem are bound to improve afterwards. His or her health is as important as personal desires. So, Our surgeon always delivers right information for full consent. Patients have to co-operate during initial consultations and share all the details.

Have a look at some of the most important concerns and their respective solutions –

  • Surgery conjures up images of blood, cuts, wounds, and infections. The procedure is executed under anaesthesia and pain medications.
  • Patients have fear of risks, side effects, and major complications. Top surgeons always resolve these minor issues with flawless ease.
  • Initial consultation helps the patient speak his or her heart out. The expert also gets a better idea and selects the best technique.
  • Patients have doubts about surgery’s effectiveness and permanence. The surgeon performs a safe procedure that yields long term results.
  • A major worry is fat growing back in the operated areas of the body.  The liposuction technique is permanent and fat will not come back.

Post-op Issues

Post-operative care is very important for the patients. Rest and recuperation are essential after any surgical procedure. The doctor’s instructions help in minimizing pain, lethargy, and discomfort. Infections and doubts are overcome by following the prescribed guidelines –

  • Technically, Fat accumulation is not bound by gender or age. Children, adolescents, and adults are not immune to this reality.
  • Controlling body weight is a must for achieving shapely contours. Patient has to show determination and discipline to control the weight.
  • Pockets of fat can get deposited on any area of the body. Food, hormones, and lifestyle have to be monitored.
  • Lack of sleep, chronic diseases, and acquired disorders lead to body fat disposition. Maintain a health and fitness regimen and dedicated yourself to this task.
  • During Liposuction, The fat cells are fully targeted and treated. Only a small fraction of the connective adipose tissue is untouched.
  • The leftover or remaining fat cells in the region will not grow in number. But, Weight control plays the most significant role after the surgery.
  • All patients normally want to retain slim and shapely figure for ever. But body metabolism does not always bend to human expectations.
  • Just make sure that the weight remains close to what it was before liposuction.  This will prevent residual fat collection or additional fat build up.
  • Patients who manage to lose weight further will benefit even more. They not only regain self-confidence, but also lead healthier, fitter lives.


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