Why are Plastic Surgery Clients Getting Younger?


Across the world, more and more young people are choosing to undergo plastic surgery. Indeed, in some countries, the majority of cosmetic surgeries are performed on people under 30. But why would someone who is supposed to be in the throngs of youth opt to have a facelift? Like many things in the modern world, there isn’t one simple answer to this question. Instead, a number of different factors are contributing to plastic surgery clients getting younger.

One of these factors is the rise of social media. Increasingly, we live our lives online, trying to portray a certain image of ourselves to the world. This is especially true for younger people, whose self-worth is often tied up in how many likes and followers they can have on various social networks. For this reason, many doctors think that a greater emphasis on how we appear has led to more young people considering plastic surgery.

How we look is becoming increasingly important in the offline world too. As an example, appearing young and vibrant can be make or break when it comes to landing your dream job in certain industries. For right or for wrong, someone’s appearance can often influence a company’s hiring decision. For this reason, some estimates say that as many as a quarter of people would consider undergoing plastic surgery to improve their employment prospects. This is even more important for younger people, who often find it more difficult to find a job than their older counterparts.

The fact that plastic surgery patients are getting younger can also be explained by changes in medical technology. The fact is, that as technology increases, the costs associated with having cosmetic surgery such as a facelift go down. At the same time, surgeries have become less invasive, and recovery times have decreased too. Whatever way you look at it, plastic surgery is just a more pleasant experience nowadays.

Many young people are even organising holidays around plastic surgery. This points to a simple fact. Once upon a time, having cosmetic surgery was something to hide. Nowadays, the stigma is gone. Overall, the biggest factor in the rise in young people undergoing plastic surgery is undoubtedly society’s attitudes. Where even a few years ago, many cosmetic surgery patients lied about their procedures, today it can even be something to be proud of. That’s why more and more young people are seeking out its benefits.


Ronnie Riffle

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