What is Yoni Massage?

You may have already about heard about Tantric therapy and Tantric massage, and how they can help change, love, beauty and positive energies flow through your life. But what is Yoni massage, is it something similar or completely different?

What Yoni Massage is not

A Yoni Massage is a Tantric massage which offers enhances sexual experience and sexual healing. Yoni massage is most definitely NOT an ’adult service’ or anything remotely negative or illegal, e.g. related to sex work or other illicit activities.

What Yoni massage IS

Yoni massage IS a sex therapy, that can help heal sexuality, improve your sex life and heal trauma, and is extremely comfortable and wonderfully positive.

Yoni massage – especially delivered by experts such as Tantric Therapy is only a part of Tantric Massage, not a separate or individual massage on its own. Yoni massage is only a part of a progressive journey through different stages of sexual energy and your whole sexual body.

A Yoni massage is a Tantric therapy, focussed inside the vagina as part of a greater Tantric massage. Yoni massages are not given in isolation, rather usually towards the end of a Tantric massage, perhaps the last 30 minutes of a two hour therapy.

Yoni massage is not just a physical connection though, it’s also an emotional and mental therapy to your Yoni.

Benefits of a Yoni massage

Yoni massage uses a special empowering touch inside the vagina, and brings many benefits :-

  • it connects you physically to your vagina, as well as spiritually and emotionally
  • it creates a special nourishing, expansive sexual energy
  • it can increase the range of orgasmic experiences with your Yoni
  • it awakes your vagina to deeper dimensions than stimulation alone
  • it increases the flow of sexual energy in the vagina
  • pain relief and discomfort during sex is relieved
  • emotional scars and blocks in the Yoni are healed
  • past trauma and sexual abuse in the Yoni can be healed

However, the main benefit of a Yoni massage is not the immediate benefit during the therapy, but rather the long-term increase in love and relationships at home. Yoni massage releases healing energy that will nourish you and soothe your wellbeing, improving health and confidence.

Conclusion: Every woman can benefit from a Yoni massage

Clearly,  Yoni massages bring many benefits to women for many reasons, and there’s very few women who will not benefit – even those with great sex lives!

Simply, it comes to down to the potential of your Yoni. If you have a great sex life, why settle for great when you can have excellent, and improve further?

Yoni massage is focussed on improving the potential of your Yoni to enhance your sex life on many levels – less sensitivity, removal of emotional blocks, improved orgasms, ease tension and overcome distress and trauma.


Victoria Smith

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