Most of the people around us, especially men and the teenagers are attracted to smoking. They think it is cool to smoke and this has led to an addiction of tar, nicotine and tobacco. In no time they are the addicts to smoking. Smoking is injurious to health and obviously leads to many diseases and health problems. We have seen a large number of people suffering from a lot due to this habit but now there are many alternatives to avoid and quit smoking and a large number of people opt out for that option.  One visit to a vape shop, could change you mind about smoking.


Vaping is a form where one is inhaling and exhaling but is not using tobacco and feels as if he/she is smoking. Vaping smoke is denser than any smoking smoke. Vaping is conducted through the electronic cigarettes which is a replacement of the regular cigarettes. It delivers the inhaled nicotine but in a completely different way. Vaping is a lot better than smoking as it is introduced to decrease the diseases and health problems caused by smoking itself.


Vaping is an alternative to cigarettes and is the new cool for grown-ups and those teens that have started to smoke. Vaping brings happiness to those who want to look cool in the current times with very less harmful effects. Vaping makes people happier as they see their health getting better and their habit if smoking decreasing day by day. I have seen people using nicotine patches, mints, gum, and medications but ever since the vaping came into being people find it easier to quit smoking and it has helped them a lot as the e-cigarette or vaping stimulates the feeling of smoking.

Teenagers find it good and helpful as they are not literally smoking and damaging their health rather they have this style of using an electronic cigarettes or vaping which give the cool luck with their friends and that is what makes them happy.

People are attracted towards the flavors an e-cigarette in vaping has to offer. They become happy in selecting their desired flavor. This flavor is placed inside the e-cigarettes and is helping the consumer to enjoy the taste. These e-cigarettes or vaping is bringing young people out of the habit of smoking and hence saving their lives.


Following are the 6 happy signs one can see when they are using an e-cigarettes or when they are vaping.

  • They complement your teeth.
  • Your friends don’t shrink back in horror whenever you talk because they like the new technology.
  • People want to plug your e-cigar into their iPad for fun.
  • People constantly ask you about your new device and you are the new cool in town with that.
  • People around you are ultra proud of you that you made the big switch over to vaping over smoking.
  • You’re happier and that rubs off!

Vaping is not risk free but they are far less injurious than smoking regular cigarettes!

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