Using CBD for the 9 to 5 Job Grind

In a changing American economy influenced by international and wide-spread national politics, it can be hard to find rest when stressing over work and pay. In some cases, individuals (including single parents and indebt college students) must take up a second job to remain relatively afloat- but even as the pay increases, it doesn’t mean our stress decreases.

Though the economic change is long-term, we can have the benefits tobuy CBD oil and other CBD products to help relieve stress from overworking, debt, and even from the worry over being fired.

CBD Relieves Stress from Within

Cannabidiol is extracted and isolated away from industrial hemp, which can than be instilled into virtually any product. Whether it is CBD cream for pain, CBD vape juice for recreation, or CBD shampoo to rejuvenate your hair, CBD is a versatile chemical that induces a plethora of beneficial effects by it’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

This underlining system within us promotes such systems as the formation of white blood cells and immune defenses against internal and external diseases. A natural anti-inflammatory, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to reduce cortisol levels and return the body to homeostasis on both a molecular and holistic level.

So, What Makes this Great for Work?

Whether you are a blue- or white-collar worker, we all understand how it is to work long hours at an establishment with a focus on optimization the work output over the ergonomics and natural inclinations of human bodies. We get tired, physical and mentally stressed, and even push ourselves to cover shifts and work loads that our bodies are crying out to not do but we push through for that potential pay raise or honest integrity we have in our own work.

But are bodies and stress levels are still only made of human bits and not mechanical parts–our bodies havetheir limits and often, we overlook them in the pursuit of job stability. Though there are various organizations and companies that are taking a more health-centric focus and respect to the natural inclinations and rhythms of our bodies, it is still severely lacking across the job market place.

Reducing Stress, Within & Outside the Job

For many, our jobs begin before we even clock in. Rather it is catching up on work or mentalizing our schedule and preparing for the day, we find ourselves at work before actually being at work.

With raising cortisol levels and the mental stress of preparation, we can relieve and prepare for our day with CBD products. For example, CBD candy can be chewed on and release CBD relief inside the bloodstream on the way to work. Or CBD cream can be applied after a refreshing shower, which can help enliven our mood while also reducing physical stress with its oxidative properties.

Because of the versatile nature of CBD and its ability to be inserted into virtually any product, you can take CBD products such as CBD tea or CBD tincture oil to work to help administer a quick dosage of CBD benefits at work as well. It is inconspicuous and doesn’t draw the ire of any fellow worker or manager to your health and wellness needs.

Legally &Integrity Safe for the Work Place

Many hard workers feel that their work is their integrity and wish to not introduce anything into their bodily systems that could compromise such honesty.

But with CBD, there is no intoxication or residue left within the body – it is wholly metabolized and used by the various bodily systems with no inhibition on the use of its user. Without the ability to compromise work, CBD can help promote various bodily systems without impending the work flow and progress.

Another aspect of CBD that makes it wholly likeable in the work area is its inability to be picked up on standardized methods of testing that companies often use to process its employees. If you suffer from severe back pain or depressive moods, CBD can help relieve such symptoms and more without putting your job security and integrity at risk.

If it is CBD without any other additional recreational chemicals, CBD is wholly safe for the workplace, the worker, and our modern American landscape. Check into some CBD products to help you look forward to the next shift!

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Pauline Hubbard

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