Top Reasons for Hair Loss in Men

It is common for one to lose hair up to 100 strands a day. However, if the hair fall is a lot more than that, it is already a big problem. If this is the daily occurrence, in the long run, your scalp will start to be seen even from afar.

Hair loss is common actually and its extent varies on the sex of a person. As for the men, here are some of the most common reasons why they experience hair loss:

1. Genetics

Yes, this is the number one reason why men lose hair or why they experience more than ordinary hair loss.

2. Stress

It is said that stress can cause you a lot of damage. It will not just cause cancer actually but it can also make you bald in the long run. This can happen whether you are physically or mentally stressed.

3. Bad eating habit

Your eating habit can also cause you your precious hair. This is why you have to do some research to know about the vitamins that can help you save your scalp.

4. Medication

There are some medications or treatments that can shed off a lot or all of your hair like chemotherapy for example. When it comes to this, there is really nothing you can do while you are still undergoing the medication.

5. Lack of sleep

We all know that a lot of good things will happen when you sleep. Almost all parts of your body will be renewed. It goes without saying that if you deprive yourself of sleep, the stability of your hair system might be affected.

6. Smoking

Smoking is definitely bad news. It damages your health as well as your hair system. If you want to save your precious hair, you should stop smoking. It is as simple as this, your hair or your bad habit.

7. Scalp inflammation

When your scalp cannot tolerate some of the foreign elements that are forced into it, it will start to react and of course, the stability of your hair will be affected.

All of the factors mentioned above can generate hair loss. If you are already suffering from such consequences, let Capilia help you. It has a variety of Solutions perte de cheveux homme. This company has been around for decades and it has in its midst capable and experienced technicians.

Felisha Parrish

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