Skin Problem in Dogs- 5 Common That Are Found In Dogs

Pets are the true friend of humans. Having a pet at home is the most exciting and caring job. Many people think that just keeping a pet at home is enough but they are wrong, care and proper knowledge is needed to maintain their health and keeping them happy. As monsoon has come there are more chances of skin problems in pets.

Dogs can have many types of skin problems and the owner must know all about them. When a child shows you some rash what you ask them is “don’t itch”. Dogs can’t express but by their actions, you can know that they are suffering from the skin infection. Many of the online pharmacies are there who provides medicines for pets; Canada drugs online stores where you can get all prescribed and non- prescribed medicines for your pet.

Various skin problems in dogs can be:

Chiggers- In the USA this is the common parasite that is responsible for the itching around the legs, head, and abdomen. They are mostly found in grassy areas. They can’t be easily seen and can be treated by giving anti-parasitic drugs to dogs.

Dermatitis- It’s a kind of skin allergy that shows redness and hairless sore. This can be caused by sensitive saliva and fleas. Dogs probably lick all day so there are more chances of dermatitis when saliva touches the skin. Dogs are recommended antibiotics or injection to treat dermatitis.

Ear Mites- These are common in puppies, crab-like creatures found in ears. They live on the surface of the skin in the ear. When you see your dog shaking his head then you can easily know that your dog is having ear mites. Doctors recommend parasite medicine to apply on the skin.

Lick Granulomas– Irritated skin patch that occurs in the area which is mostly licked by dogs. These are basically yeast or bacterial infection.

Allergies- Allergies can be due to food, fleas, and the environment. Like humans, dogs can have allergy due to pollens and other environmental factors. Identification of allergy can be difficult so, it’s better to consult the vet. For your dog food can be responsible sometimes for the allergy. Some of the components present in food cause allergy making dogs hypersensitive to some ingredients. When you come to know about that particular food just eliminate it from your dog’s diet.

To make your dog happy and healthy it necessary to get educated about all the problems related to it. Being an owner it’s your responsibility to take care of your dog properly as they are the most faithful and intelligent pet. When your dog seems to be itchy than usual then be attentive and get your dog a check-up. Skin problem is the common reason to visit the vet and in monsoon, it’s very important to clean up your dog and keeping hygiene for its better health. Although there are various skin problems once you get to know about something unusual in your dog never ignore and take proper care.

Pauline Hubbard

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