Pros of an Online College Education

Online education is the best solution for college and scheduling programs, it is the end of one-on-one discussions and physical campuses which is the ultimate experience for college life. Apparently, both of these statements are not true. Like a lot of situations, there are ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages of pursuing an online college education, and the truth is somewhere in between-particularly since online programs vary a lot.

Here are some of the pros of earning a University of Phoenix education degree online that could guide you in making your decision.

  • You Have Tons Of Flexibility

Online learning has been a gateway for educational opportunities for people who might not have had them before, either due to their current location of residence or work, work or family commitments, or even being differently able. With online education degree studies, where you live do not matter a lot as long as you have a computer and internet connection, you have access to a variety of options.

You are also able to decide where and when you take your online access at your own convenience. With online education, you can generally work through the course at your leisure despite there being deadlines for assignments and exams submission and some live lectures and group discussions. You can also access coursework and lectures basically any time by logging in, making access to reviewing materials for exams easier hence facilitating revision.

  • You Have Tons Of Options Too

From the massive pool of courses available at the University of Phoenix online, you can practically find any type of degree you want to be offered online; associate, bachelors, masters, certificates, and even doctorates. Despite there being not as many online school choices as there are local schools, you are still able to do a college search to get the online degree  program that matches your needs, whether you want a hybrid (online and in-person) or an exclusively online program.

  • The Cost Is Generally Lower

You are guaranteed to save money on the room, or commuting costs regardless of the online program you attend.

Online programs are generally cheaper compared to their in-person counterparts since colleges are able to save money on overhead cost. However, this is not always the case. Usually, there is little to no difference in tuition costs between a college‘s/hybrid and in-person programs due to the transition of online education to mainstream (which is good for online education’s reputation but potentially bad for cost savings).

  • You Can Complete The Program Faster

You are more likely to complete your online college degree faster than a traditional degree program. This is of great advantage to students who want to complete a degree they started elsewhere with the help of online programs, since they may be able to take only the classes they need for them to graduate. It also makes you into the workforce much sooner.

  • You’ll Be Working With A Driven Group Of Peers

It takes determination, drive, and dedication to get a college degree online, despite attrition rates still being evidently higher among online classes, the students who do stick with them are the kind of people you need in your professional network. (It’s, therefore, harder to network with your online peers)

  • You’ll Get Better At Writing And Communicating In General

With most of your interactions taking place online, you have to have excellent communication skills. You will know how to put forth your work and articulate your meaning as you will be judged primarily on your writing abilities.

  • Online Education Class Discussions Are A Unique Experience

For credit scores, you will have to participate in discussions in an online class. If you have a fear of public speaking that has held you back in the past, you may be able to enjoy the ability to type out your responses and review them before you submit. You are able to read and learn from your classmates’ thoughts when everyone is required to participate. It is harder for one or just a few people to control the chat when everybody is required to speak.

Willie Friedman

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