Pros and Cons of Outdoor versus Gym Fitness Training

Outdoor fitness training kills many birds with one stone. You can enjoy working out at the outdoors by exploring new places. When you exercise outdoors, your interest in a workout will be more, and you have to spend nothing on a very little amount for it. But there are some disadvantages too of outdoors workout.

Fitness Training Outdoors

The number of exercises you can do outdoors is limited compared to the ones you can do in a gym, but you can still get benefits from outdoor fitnessgeräte. You can do jogging, running, walking, surfing, swimming, rock climbing, and bicycling. Many people prefer outdoors than running on a treadmill. The treadmill doesn’t change the scenarios, so it becomes boring after sometimes, as well as running on outdoors is more challenging because you are running on uneven terranes, while the treadmill is always the same old track. The outdoors exercises are by large free or you might have to spend a little, but registering in a gym is a gym is a costly affair, they charge huge money for membership, but also having no money can’t be an excuse for not exercising these days. Suppose you are a person who travels via cars everywhere, you won’t know your neighborhood, and you will be unable to know many roads surrounding you, but if you run outdoors, you can know all of them. The same thing goes for a person newly settled in that area; running will let them know their surroundings pretty soon. When you are climbing a rock, your upper body will get better workout compared to most of the gyms. Rock climbing will also allow you to visit a place that otherwise you would have never visited.   If you love surfing and swimming, you won’t have to worry about relaxation in the summertime or warmer seasons, and at the same time, you will have the workout of your arms and core.

The disadvantage is that in all seasons you can’t exercise outdoors. There will be times when the temperature drops too much, it reaches below 10 and then most of the people will be unwilling to run outdoors and go for indoor workouts, such as a gym. The days get shorter at the time of winter which limits people from going outdoors, the sunlight starts showing up late, and the sunlight goes down faster. On winter, one cannot think of swimming or surfing. Well, if you live in a place which is warm throughout the year, then you can go outdoors at any time of the year.

Fitness Training Gyms

Gyms have an abundance of facilities for workouts. They have modern equipment and trainers to help in making your body as you want or losing your weight. You can use various equipment and use the help of the trainer to guide you through your workout. They will guide you on your requirement and will tell you if you are doing any wrong workout and how to do that correctly. There are various types of exercises that indoor support even without equipment, such as yoga, cardio dances, free hands, etc. For cardio exercises, you can use a treadmill, and if you are bored with the treadmill, you can use recumbent bikes or elliptical machines and workout without any problem and not getting bored. If you like weightlifting, you can’t find equipment as good as in the gyms at the outdoors. So, if you want to build muscles, gyms are the better places. You also don’t have to think too much about weather-related diseases, as you are not exercising outdoors.

The disadvantage is that gyms lack fresh air. Fresh air is needed by everyone as recommended by most of the physicians. Gyms have compressed air, and it’s not too good for one’s health, and people exercise to take care of their health. In gyms, you won’t get vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential element that body needs for the toughness of their bones. Vitamin D is also helpful for keeping the muscles and ligaments strong. In high times, there is too much rush in gyms, and you won’t find any place to exercise, or you have to wait much longer to get equipment in a gym. Registering for membership is going to make a big hole in your pocket. Lastly, if you want to go to gyms, you have to prepare for it for a long time and then drive in the busy traffics to reach there.

Felisha Parrish

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