Popular Types of Vapes for Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis has gained an unprecedented publicity these past days. After some US states and a few countries legalized weed for medicinal purposes, the cannabis industry has since been booming. In fact, this medicine is currently being ingested by patients and casual users through different forms. One of the most popular methods is through vaping.

Vaping and Weed – a Perfect Combination

Like the medicinal weed, vaping is currently in the media spotlight because of its many benefits, especially in helping smokers to quit. Aside from being a less-dangerous alternative to cigarette smoking, vaping has become a popular recreation for many people. Now, hundreds of companies are producing vape machines and mods as well as a wide range of e-juice flavors.

The versatility of vaporizers allows vapers to inhale different types of e-juices. They can also vape different flavors ranging from cigarettes and coffee to fruits and candies. And with the legalization of medical marijuana, vapers can now breathe in the vapor of cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

The CBD oil is an extract from parts of cannabis. Aside from being safe in the body, this substance has a lot of therapeutic properties. Aside from relieving pain and seizures from epilepsy, this miracle compound also provides treatment for other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, and some forms of cancer. Now, you can vape CBD oil instead of taking the medicine orally through oil drops and CBD-infused food and beverages.

Types of Vapes for Cannabis

Of the many types of vapes for CBD oil and medicinal marijuana, the two popular vape types used by CBD users are pen vaporizers and table-top vapes.

  • Pen vaporizers – This is the pocket-sized, battery-powered vaporizer that uses CBD oil as e-juice. It has two main parts: an atomizer and a battery. The CBD oil is placed inside a small tank containing the atomizer. The battery heats the atomizer, which then releases vapor. Aside from being cheap, many users prefer to buy this type because of its portability. You can use this vape anywhere. However, the pen vapes’ medicinal effect would only last for some time because you can only inhale a limited amount of CBD oil at a time.
  • Table-top vapes – Unlike the portable pen vapes, this type can only be used in a room or other enclosed spaces with a power supply. This larger and stationary model often comes with a mouthpiece or a bag that fills with the vapor. With this vape type, you can inhale the CBD oil in its full flavor, making it ideal for medical use.

You can also buy portable flower vapes. This type produces vapor from heating dried cannabis flowers and is often used for recreational purposes.

Moreover, you can buy less popular forms of vapes such as:

  • e-Cigarettes
  • Box mod vapes, and
  • Volcano-style vaporizers.

For many experts, vaping is an effective way of taking in medical marijuana. Inhaling the vapor of CBD oil is faster compared to ingesting CBD oil through the mouth. This is crucial for patients that need immediate medical attention like extreme pain.

Through vaping, you can enjoy the many medical benefits of cannabis in an enjoyable way. Try vaping weed now!

Author: Carrie Sze

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