Many of us, irrespective of our gender and sensibilities have received an email about Erectile Dysfunction and ‘miracle drug’ that promises to correct all Erectile Dysfunctions. The first step to correcting and even permanently curing Erectile Dysfunction is not any suggestion from neighbor or friend, it is in seeking professional medical help. The solution to any problem is first finding the cause of that problem. Some may even suggest finding out how the erection works in the first place so that one has a deeper understanding of how it may fail and how to best manage it. More often than not the solutions to erectile problems are more psychological than based on any specific physical disabilities that may need serious medical intervention.  

However, there are many causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Some of them are obesity, alcohol, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, hypertension (HBP), stroke, low testosterone, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, stress, smoking, sleep disorders like sleep apnea, enlarged prostate, Parkinson’s disease, prescription medications like antihistamines, hypertension medication, antidepressants and so on.

Psychological and emotional stress are the most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction.  This is because we are naturally stressed daily, from one point to the other. It may be work-related stress, family-related, or even problems with the partner. This should not be taken lightly but addressed adequately with the right kind of tools. It is always best to seek medical attention first and foremost before attempting to find solutions. The solution may be as simple as a healthier lifestyle, even changing prescribed medication to something like the power drug Kamagra Jelly, fixing your relationship with your spouse, reducing stress and so on.

It is also important to note that sporadic Erectile Dysfunction is common, understanding this may help not to overblow a few occasional disruptions during sexual intercourse. When it becomes a frequent occurrence, then one should seek medical attention as soon as possible. This medical attention would come with the perfect solution, including medications which serves to cut off any hindrances to the blood flow required for an erection during intercourse.

Ronnie Riffle

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