Maximize your Gains by Trying Out Testosterone Suspension Supplements from Licensed Stores

If you are looking for ways and means of boosting your testosterone levels, then you might want to try out testosterone supplements such as Testosterone Suspension. These supplements are easily available on online stores, but might not be sold without a valid prescription.

Testosterone Suspension Popularity amongst Bodybuilders

Now, before you jump the gun and decide to talk to your doctor for a valid prescription about these supplements, you first need to know whether these would be really beneficial for you or not.

Testosterone suspension is available in the injection form. It is quite a painful shot, so you might need to be mentally prepared for it. If you are into bodybuilding or preparing for a weightlifting competition, then this steroid is a must for you. The steroid is active for maximum two days and is a water based drug.

In simple words, it gets directly absorbed into your blood stream and works its magic there. The recommended dosage for these would be approximately 35mg that can be split into 7 dosages of 50mg each. It is known for its strong androgenic properties. You can visit websites like for more information about these steroids. Moreover, you can even check our various Testosterone suspension brands available along with their benefits.

What Testosterone Suspension Supplements can do for you?

Testosterone Suspension supplements can help to:

  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Can help with protein synthesis
  • Improve the red blood count
  • Can also help in improving the IGF-1 production
  • Helps in reducing the production of glucocorticoid

If you plan to go in for such steroids, it is recommended that you stick to the dosage that comes with the pack or as prescribed by your doctors. Many people tend to abuse these steroids after seeing positive results with them.

Stacking Testosterone Suspension Steroids

Many athletes and body builders use these steroids for their cutting cycle. If you are an intermediate or advanced user, you can stack these steroids with other bulking steroids.

Stacking should basically consist of stronger androgenic steroids combined with mild anabolic steroids. This allows athletes and bodybuilders to achieve maximum benefits in regard to lean muscle mass and stamina, without compromising on the dosages. Ensure that you go in for post cycle therapy (PCT) after you complete your testosterone suspension cycles.


You are prone to suffer certain side effects after using these steroids. If the side effects persist or you develop some health issue, your doctor might need to intervene and recommend an alternate option for you.

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