Learn How to Read Your Palms and Perhaps You Are Good at It

First thing to do is choice a hand and this is not just either hand. For awareness into your life at work and how you present to others in your world, concentrate on the dominant hand. But to examine personal relationships, struggles that are emotional, and dreams, use the other hand.

Trouble finding lines?

Having problems making out the lines? Slightly cup your hand under a lamp that is bright. Keep this in mind; most hand analysts say that a less prominent line imitatesan area of life that might need work, but a deeper one show that the characteristic typically related to that line is fully developed and quite strong. For even more hits, see a guide to finger reading.

Line lengths

  • Short line (ending near the middle of the palm): You are a fast thinker and reaches conclusions without any wasting time thinking about it.
  • Straight, long line (extending crosswiseover the palm, towards the pinkie); analyse much? You will often find that you mull things over and over prior to coming to a decision.
  • Line that splits in twos– sensitivity to others, you easily can see someone’s perspective. This shows you might change your opinions time and again.
  • Long, curved line (running down towards the bottom corner of the palm): You are a thinker who is creative and who can envision many outcomes or approaches to any situation.

If you have

  • Long line (curving around the ball of the thumb and then ending at the base of the palm): You are a rock that people count on to stay strong in times that are difficult.
  • Short line (ending near the center of the palm): When the going gets rough, keeping busy helps you feel secure and safe.
  • Faint line: You might need to chill out occasionally. Yoga, walking, meditation, or taking time to play could do you well.
  • Broken line: Every break in this line signifies a disturbing experience that has had some effect on your choices in life.

If you find that, you can easily find these lines, you could find that you are gifted in this area and maybe would be a good palm reading guide for others.


Pauline Hubbard

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