How to Take Best Care of Tooth Implant Post Surgery

Getting a dental implant is not like using a retainer in the mouth. It is a kind of surgery that requires effective aftercare. To accomplish a dental implant properly, you need to have good knowledge about the treatment and its aftercare.

What type of problems require dental assistance?

You can suffer from various types of dental problems like tooth sensitivity, cavities, gum diseases, and many more. Some of these problems can require immediate dental assistance. Oracare is one of the best dental clinics located in downtown Montreal, Canada.  

Oracare dental implants offer the best emergency dentist treatment to take the best care of your teeth.

How to Clean Dental Implants?

Regular cleaning of your dental implant is one of the best things that can be done either at home or with the help of a professional assistance to ensure a healthy and long implant lifespan. This job is very significant immediately after surgery.

To clean dental implants you can brush, floss, followed by a non-alcoholic mouthwash. This has to be done daily.

If you have artificial teeth, then you need specialized cleaning instruments for dental implants. These are interproximal brushes, floss threader, oral irrigators, and stimulators.

Professional cleaning of dental implants

It is important to get your dental implant properly cleaned by the assistance of a professional dental firm. They will require you to clean the implant threads thoroughly, the tissue that surrounds the region and the natural teeth.

This keeps bacteria away from the implanted region that could be a source for causing an infection. Also, it is good to have a dentist to evaluate the overall alignment and state of the dental implant.

Your dental hygienist will incorporate scaling, that is one of the efficient methodologies that goes a lot deeper than the tooth surface. It is the form of cleaning under the gumline to effectively eliminate the deposition of plaque.

How frequently should you clean your dental implant?

When you get your dental implants, you will visit your dentist on a frequent basis. Over a period of several months, you have to make many visits. Once the initial adaption and osseointegration happen, you need to treat the dental implant like your remaining teeth. This implies visiting the dentist every 6 months.


For a professional cleaning of dental implants, you must visit a good dentist who will use a number of advanced tools to treat your dental implant thoroughly.

Felisha Parrish

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