Hemp oil vs CBD oil: A Striking Difference

Hemp oil vs CBD oil. What are they? The two come from the same plant, so they have to be the same thing right? Wrong. Although these two similar products come from the same source, they having striking differences. It can be hard to distinguish between the two when shopping at a dispensary when signs all over the place say Marijuana Oil, Flower Concentrates and other names, especially when the bud tenders and almost everyone else use the terms interchangeably. Lets break down the uses, definition, and differences of these two amazing oils.

What is Hemp oil, and how is it used?

Hemp oil is an extract taken directly from the seeds of the hemp plant. It should be noted that this type of oil can be produced from any cannabis plant, but only industrial hemp is used for the mass production of hemp oil and the amount of psychoactive substance in this oil is extremely minimal. This oil has many uses including but not limited to cooking, bases for body lotions and washes, shampoo, by itself as a natural moisturizer, and can even be used as a bio-diesal fuel.

CBD oil has to be same! No, it is not.

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol oil. This specific type of oil is taken directly from the green plant matter of the hemp plant (the leaves, stems, flowers, stalks, etc.) Since this oil is produced from the green matter of the plant it has a much higher percentage of cannabinoids, hence the name. This oil has become very popular in the medical marijuana industry due to the fact that this oil can be used to treat symptoms of various disease without the intoxicating effects of normal marijuana intake (smoking, vaping, eating). CBD oil has proven itself reliable in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, seizures, some neurodegenerative disorders and has also helped in treatment of epilepsy, especially in young children. CBD oil also has an astounding effect on cancer treatment.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: Family but not identical.

As we’ve come to find, hemp oil is the fairer, lighter of the two family members so to speak. The oil is mostly used in day to day household items and has amazing effects on the body when applied in the correct fashion. Hemp oil can give a refreshing nutty/pine taste to your food, and can also keep your skin naturally moisturized. CBD oil can help with anxiety and depression, and even help to alleviate symptoms of and help treat cancer itself. The fact that such a broad array of uses can come from just one plant speaks to the testament of this ancient herb.

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