Handle low self esteem

When you start seeing yourself as unworthy of your possessions or misfit to the people around you this feeling is termed as low self esteem. Anyone can be triggered by the low self esteem in life at any point in time. While some people are able to overcome the feeling through practice, efforts and love and care by their friends and family, there are others who live with this feeling forever. Our beliefs play an important role in creating our thoughts that make us either self-appreciative or self-critical person. We make choices on the basis of beliefs that we behold.

If you want to choose a life worth living, choose high self esteem. This is possible by using the tools and techniques of mindfulness. These techniques try to change our belief system so that we can see the things in a different light. They help in removing the negative influence of our thoughts and shift our thinking abilities to a more positive one. So let us learn more about these techniques and how we can overcome the symptoms of low self esteem:

  • Treasure the moment:

We often live into the fears of future and dwell in the sufferings of past. There are very few moments in a day when most of us experience complete consciousness and we start living in the very moment right now. Just try to focus your attention and energy into the moment at hand. Take decisions with more alertness and wisdom. Focus on the task at hand and you will realize that it doesn’t matter what happened in the past or what is going to happen in the future, what matters is what you have it in your hands right now and how are you going to deal with it!

  1. The focus on self-development:

People with low self esteem often deal a lot with ‘who said what’. So when you find yourself in a similar situation next just realize immediately on the field that needs to be improved. Pay full attention to the task of self-development. If you aim at nothing but being better than yourself in the course of life, there is hardly any challenge thrown by situations that you will not meet. When we rise above the petite things and dealing of expectations from others, it is there we realize the realms of high self esteem. Therefore, focus on self-improvement and development.

  • Write how you feel:

There are times we need to talk to someone. But even when we get someone talking to us, the words do not fall in right place to express that how do we feel. This feeling is very common for most of us. Therefore, a good solution to such problems is to start writing your feelings. There is nothing wrong to feel like anything in a given situation. So write it down, it pacifies your mind and thoughts for once. Then think about it for a while and you will realize that you are developing harmony with your situation by acceptance. Writing about ‘how we feel’ makes us feel lighter and thus, we get sufficient time to frame our thoughts and reflect our feelings on a piece of paper. Thus develop the habit of writing down your experiences and feelings without hesitation.

Pauline Hubbard

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