Are Prescription Drugs Healthy?

Is it possible that you or your loved one is addicted to prescription drugs? Most individuals take these drugs only for the reason their doctor intended. However, according to research, many people have used the drugs for non-medical purposes in their lifetime. In the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in prescription drug abuse or misuse. 

The increase has resulted in more emergency room visits because of the accidental overdoses and more patient admissions to the treatment programs for drug addictions. Prescription drug addiction and misuse can have serious health and medical consequences. You should understand that the side effects of prescription drug addiction and abuse can happen when you take just one of them. Each individual already knows that some of the drug combinations are dangerous to their health. 

For example, taking blood thinner drugs and cholesterol drugs at the same time may increase the risks of bleeding issues. However, prescription drugs are very powerful to change your physiology which means that you should not take them lightly. Luckily, the drugs that are prescribed by physicians are for health issues which could have been avoided. 

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What is Prescription Drug Addiction? 

Drug addiction is a mental or chronic brain illness that often occurs again. This brain disease results in compulsive drug seeking and consumption despite the harmful effects on the affected person as well as other individuals around that person. 

For most individuals, the decision to take these drugs is voluntary. However, over time, mental changes caused by the repeated drug misuse affect your self-control and the ability to make informed decisions. While this process is going on, you will continue to experience impulses to consume more drugs. 

How Prescription Drugs Affect Your Whole Body 

Everybody wants a magic bullet to get rid of health issues. But the expectations that a drug is going to fix one issue while leaving everything in the body alone is not the reality. Prescription drugs do not work well in a vacuum, they act and function system-wide resulting in the side effects that individual’s experience. 

When you take prescription drugs on a daily basis for many years, your body will have to make small changes in response. Though the drugs may be helping or controlling health issues in your body, the small changes can result in stress leading to further medical or health issue down the line. 

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs 

The three main classes of the prescription drugs that are commonly abused include opioids that are used to treat pain, stimulants such as Concerta and amphetamine which are used to treat deficit disorders and central nervous system depressants like benzodiazepines that are used to treat sleep disorders or anxiety. 

How You Can Avoid Prescription Drug Misuse and Addiction 

Reducing the need and use of prescription drugs is a multifaceted technique that is not easy, and it does not work for all health issues out there. There are various situations where these drugs are necessary. But the benefits that come with the attempt to avoid these drugs when possible are excellent. Some of the ideas that can help you minimize prescription drug abuse include. 

• Quality Nutrition: The foods you eat are the most powerful drugs. The long-term diets high in the refined fats, sugars, and other popular preservatives can easily turn on inflammatory cytokines that can significantly affect your genes and lead to diseases. Focusing your snacks and meals on nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables, fruits and legumes can provide your body cells with the much-needed minerals and vitamins to carry out their functions while preventing diseases. 

• Exercise: Regular exercise is one of the most important things individuals can do for their health. Exercise will help you prevent diseases while helping your body remove toxins, relieve stress, strengthen your heart among other benefits. You should find exercises that you enjoy doing and make them your habit. 

Prescription drugs should not be taken lightly since they can save your life. But long-term use or addiction can result in additional stress to your body. If your doctor recommends any prescription drug, you should do your research and find out the changes they can cause to your life. Also, find out some of the changes you could make to minimize medications and prescription drug addiction by visiting

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