Anadrol & Dianabol – A tug of war

There has been a debate going on among bodybuilders and athletes about which anabolic supplement is extensively powerful in providing muscle mass gains and strength. The most popular performance enhancing drugs Dianabol and Anadrol stood in the first place of the debate. Yes, it is really true. Let us see the similarities, dissimilarities and individual traits of both Anabolic-androgenic drugs.

Anadrol & Dianabol – Comparison

Dbol and Anadrol do not bind to Androgen Receptor and exert their anabolic effects through non-AR-mediated effects. Anadrol is more toxic than Dianabol and athletes who follow Anadrol should take proper precautions to save liver. However, Dianabol has toxicity effects on the liver and both Dbol & Anadrol are c17 alpha alkylated. The liver can be protected with N2Guard, Liv52, and other drugs. Dbol helps to gain muscle mass without water retention, which means athletes can obtain lean muscle mass with Dianabol than Anadrol. Largest muscle gains are possible only by Anadrol and it results faster than Dbol.

While talking about Anadrol vs Dianabol, the side effects are found heavy with Anadrol. If you want to reap optimal advantages of Dbol, then go to low doses for a longer period of time. Anadrol’s the best-recommended cycle is 2-4 weeks. The advised Anadrol weekly dose is 250-300 mg for 2-4 weeks, whereas for Dbol 200 mg every week for 6 weeks. Otherwise, you can opt 50 mg per day Anadrol and 30 mg per day Dbol for four weeks. Such oral cycles will be severe, might induce many side effects. So, use either of the drugs with N2Guard and Cardarine. Both Dbol and Anadrol come under Schedule III drug which means they can be purchased only with a proper prescription, particularly inside the United States of America. While talking about pricing, Dbol costs less than Androl.

Now, we see separate characters of Dbol and Anadrol


Dbol increases the nitrogen balance in the blood stream which boosts the amount of oxygen in the blood and thus increases protein metabolism. In this way, muscles burn through protein faster, increases size. Dbol deters the protein from wastage. The increased oxygen level enhances both physical and mental status. Users who took Dbol experienced better mood, self-confidence, and increased appetite. Since it is prevalently used in a bulking cycle, other AAS are stacked with it.


This strongest AAS a.k.a Oxymetholone, A-bombs is highly anabolic androgenic in nature. It increases the red blood cell production, improves oxygenation, and strengthens muscles. Anadrol prevents joint from wear and tear during heavy workouts. The drug has been recognized by most of the gym rats, physical trainers for promoting muscle mass, weight gain, body strength. Oxymetholone is a wet bulker.

Pros & Cons:

Anadrol: It provides amazing results in pretty higher doses and it does not aromatize. So, estrogenic effects can be avoided. The noted side effects are bloating, malaise, headache, and increased blood pressure.

Dianabol: Most of the people tolerate with Dbol than Anadrol. The users say dbol gives the person a state of well-being. Though Dianabol does water retention, still it is less than Anadrol. Once the cycle ends, the water weight starts to vanish and the gained muscles diminish which is a major complaint about the drug.

Hope, our discussion regarding Anadrol vs Dianabol would help to choose your right option.

Victoria Smith

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