A Solution to Opioid Addiction

The Opioid Crisis

It seems as though a day doesn’t pass when the opioid crisis isn’t mentioned somewhere. While the news about this particular problem may become annoying, it’s hauntingly important. For many, it’s a personal crisis that they’re all too familiar with. Drug addiction used to be simply thought of as someone who lacked morals. Using drugs was a choice and once addicted, the individual was simply too immoral to want to stop taking the drug. This is a stereotype that, unfortunately, still exists today.

However, the truth is much more scientific than one may initially realize. Addiction has to do with the changes that the drug performs on the brain. Essentially, a drug changes the brain chemistry of the brain. This isn’t unlike diabetes or even Alzheimer’s disease. As such, for someone who is looking to kick the habit, it’s critical that they seek aid from a certified detox center to help them through it.

For some, short term drug treatment could be all they need to restore their lives. For others, a longer form of treatment may be required. However, the first step to any addiction recovery is admitting that you are addicted. This can be surprisingly difficult for some. Especially for those who didn’t start out on opioids or other drugs for recreational purposes.

Indeed, for many, their fall into drugs was simply because of the expense of prescription medication. Politics decided to become involved in the health market, and as a result, certain prescriptions were made less accessible or prices soared. This left a great deal of people without access to the medication that they required to live a normal and productive life. As a result, they had to turn to other drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs were far more addictive than the previous ones they were taking, and before they knew it, they were addicted. While each individual’s story of addiction is different, there are plenty of common themes.

The Treatment

When those individuals seek recovery, there are a few traditional drug treatment methods that have been tried and proven to help. While every person requires an individual plan that is crafted for them, there are a few therapies that the individual will likely experience on their path to recovery and sobriety. For one, an inpatient rehabilitation program is critical. One cannot help to kick their habit in the same environment that led them to abuse drugs in the first place. While it is rare that a person with enough willpower and discipline could pull it off, the likelihood of their relapsing is high.

For those who seek an inpatient treatment, however, they are equipped with the resources, methods, and skills to return to the outside world and have less likely of a chance of relapsing. There are also two halves to a successful recovery plan. The inpatient program provides a safe and supportive environment for the individual to detox. They’re also given varying forms of therapy to uncover the triggers that lead them to abuse drugs in the first place. By understanding these triggers, they can then develop healthy methods of coping with those triggers instead.

The second half of a recovery plan is outpatient treatment. Because it is so easy for an individual to relapse once they’ve returned to the same environment as before, an outpatient treatment is critical for them to keep on that sober journey. These treatments can be as simple as continued therapy, group sessions, or even living in a sober house that certain detox centers can arrange. Essentially, with both halves of these plans, an individual can recover from their addiction and return to their life of sobriety.

The Place With The Plan

Serenity is just such a detox center and rehabilitation resource that an individual can utilize to begin their journey. They have a keen understanding of the truth methods at work behind addiction. As such, they have an effective system of inpatient and outpatient programs designed to support an individual through every step of their recovery journey. By assessing the individual in question, they design a plan specifically for them and then stick with them throughout it to ensure that they are healthy and creating impactful choices to better their road to recovery.

Serenity can be the jumping off point for a drug abuser to a sober lifestyle.


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