Treatment for Seizures by Using CBD Oil

A number of independent studies has verified the effect of CBD oil on seizures. Therefore, many of the states have already legalized the usage of this oil for treatment of epileptic diseases. In Canada too, use of cannabis products are legalized for medical use.

A number of scientific studies done by the medical researchers on cannabis oil have concluded that this oil is quite effective in the treatment of adolescent people who have a history of epileptic seizures. People who have not properly responded to traditional treatment method have also shown improvement after using CBD oil.

Further research is being done to know whether CBD oil has adverse effects or side effects, if it is used with any other medication. This is a long-term study and therefore it will take more time to conclude.

If we go back to history, our ancestors knew much earlier about the effectiveness of cannabis for seizures however it is the western medicines that have started recognizing it recently. Therefore, it cannot be considered as a new revelation. If you trace the records then as far as 2900 BC there is a record available that cannabidiol was used for treating seizure. Another record available from the Arabian record of 12th century also supports this.

Inn 1854, the western medicine system used cannabis for the treatment of depression, insomnia, tetanus and muscle pain. Actually, the science behind treating epilepsy with cannabis is more complicated to explain.

In the USA about 30 per cent of the epilepsy patients do not respond at all with the traditional medicines used for its treatment. Few pharmaceutical drugs like primidone, clonazepam, phenytoin and valproic acids are usually prescribed for the treatment. There are plenty of side effects observed with these medications. Some of them are hair loss, double vision, weight gain and some time liver failure too.

Certainly, cannabis oil Canada has raised lots of hope for epilepsy patient and particularly those 30 per cent patients who did not respond well to the traditional medicines.

Felisha Parrish

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